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Ai-Wave is a technology development company specialised in vehicle simulation and gaming technology.  Ai-Wave has developed an extensive palette of real time engines and development tools. This system is called Reflect. Many vehicles can be simulated, like cars, trucks, motorbikes, planes, boats, helicopters (and F-Jets !). Complex and accurate physical models of tires, suspensions, wings, and engines can be assembled to build nearly any type of vehicle. Our real time tools enable speed, cost efficiency and performance during development. A lot of parameters can be tuned in real time, from vehicle setup to display options.

Your Development Partner :

Ai-Wave technologies have been used to produce several game demos and is curently used in the games Nitro Stunt Racing and Truck Racing by Renault Trucks. We can provide specific or global licences for these technologies, and we can do specific development to complement your needs.


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