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Reflect Tools
Tech Specs

Reflect Tools

Reflect boasts a number of integrated state of the art Development Tools :

World Tool Manages 3D scene (real-time viewing / editing of 3D objects, materials, lights, other effects).
Environment Tool Manages sun light and position, sky colour, fog density...
Texture Tool Manages all 2D Texture and icon banks manipulation and conversion.
Colour Palette Colour tool (drag and drop function / colour palettes from screen bitmaps, textures...
Magnifying Glass Magnifies target area up to 20 times / contains auto update and auto follow modes.
Car Skin Tool Tool for making and viewing car skins in real time (logos, body colours, designs...).
Vehicle Manager Tool for real time vehicle settings (gears, engine tork, aerodynamic drag...).
Auto-Pilot Tool Ideal Trajectory / Auto Pilot Editor.
Particle Tool Tool for effects (smoke, rain...) with lifetime, gravity, size, colour, and other functions.
Lens Flare Editor Manages size, colour, transparency, levels of detail, light halo size, transparency, rotation...  
Camera Editor Manages Camera logic : dynamic/static, distance, min/max projection, zoom, etc...
Sound Tool Audio sampler for vehicle games including real-time modification, reverb, filters...
Language Manager Search engine for text strings / language editor / replaces translated text...
System Tool Optimisation/Debug  tool monitoring : Memory, CPU, GPU, user values, controllers...
Note Pad A simple notebook program inside Reflect. Can be used to recompile shaders in real-time.
Page Designer Tool for making interfaces : drag and drop buttons, colours, fonts, sliders...
Finder Object-based manager used to organise and control multiple types of objects.
Debug Console Displays warning messages : auto pop to front, auto flush, transparent.
List Walker Innovative debugging tool that can view all system lists while game is running.


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