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Reflect Tools
Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Our technologies are run on PC only (DirectX 8.1 and 9.0).


To achieve all the different elements in Reflect, we divided the major technological needs into the following categories:

  • Foundations/Structure
  • Movement
  • Sound
  • Vision
  • Intelligence
  • Network

Following is a list of key development points for each of these categories.


  • Stable System Architecture.
  • Modular design ready to receive new technologies.
  • Multiple platform common development system


  • Variety of vehicle simulations like car, plane and helicopter.
  • 4 independent wheels, open and limited-slip differential, ABS, anti-skidding.
  • 3 types of car transmission: front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, integral.
  • Different types of suspension and steering geometry.
  • Tires and brakes temperatures.
  • Load transfer, anti-roll bars.
  • Aerodynamic forces.
  • Standard and Turbo engines.
  • Torque and friction curves for the engine, gear box.
  • Steering wheel and joystick force feedback.
  • Different types of surface friction properties (tarmac, earth, grass, snow…).
  • Collision with different object types (cube, plane, sphere, cylinder…).
  • Dynamic Interaction with cones/barriers other moveable breakable objects.
  • Objects mesh and structure deformation.


  • 3D spatial sound (positioning, Doppler effect, air absorption, directivity).
  • Diverse motor sounds for various vehicles/ RPM / acceleration/Gear Change.
  • Collision sounds (scraping/smashing metal/wood/stone…).
  • Wheel spins and rolling sounds.
  • Natural / Human environment sounds.
  • Audio CD , wave and compressed audio file playing.


  • Level of Detail for the world and its objects.
  • Fast real-time occluding system.
  • Real-time per-pixel lighting and shadows for moving objects.
  • Pre-calculated lighting and shadows for the world and its objects (shadow maps, vertex colors).
  • Spherical and cubic Environment Mapping (static and dynamic).
  • Diffuse + specular DOT3 and Environment Bump Mapping.
  • Flat, Gouraud, or textured sky.
  • Lens flare, glare, and halos from light sources.
  • Fog (solid/banks).
  • Light reflections on the ground, on wet ground, on water.
  • Complex atmosphere shaders for fog, sky, rainbows.
  • 1D, 2D, and 3D particle systems (smoke, fire, diverse wheel discharge, etc.).
  • Water, mud and sand projections.
  • Tire marks.
  • Texture animation.
  • Object and Camera animation.
  • Smoke due to wheel spins or wheel locking.
  • Dirtying and scraping of surfaces.


  • Ideal trajectory with automatic settings for self-improvement.
  • Avoidance of obstacles.
  • Overtaking.
  • Different driving characteristics and style among auto-pilots.


  • Encrypted online registration system.
  • Online records system (best scores, best times).
  • Online multi player game (with no need to configure router).


  • Complete real time custom windowing system for high level interfaces.
  • Complete suite of real-time tools.



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